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I think the best part of JavaScript is that Functions are First Class Objects like other Functional Programming Languages. Like other objects, and primitives, you can pass Functions into other functions, into objects and arrays, and get really into amazing pipelines.

One of these pipelines that I’ve taken a liking to is currying. Curing is a function programming developed to separate params into separate functions. For example:

function add(a, b){
return a + b
' Could be rewritten into thisfunction curryAdd(a){
return function(b){
return a + b

Not much different right? Instead of calling add(1,2) you…

Who’d a thunk?

I suppose it is a bit strange of me to get giddy over state management; but you know what, I'm just gonna lean into it hard! I love Redux! You can teleport through the user experience, everything is neatly tucked away with it’s own job and the dev-tools for it are just spot on!

But that being said, out of the box, it can be quite the hassle to set up with all of it boiler-plate code. Well fortunately I discovered this sweet little package called…. drumroll please … @reduxjs/toolkit! …

Probably one of the first languages I’ve been exposed to, I’ve finally had the opportunity to dive into JavaScript programming. JS is a very dynamic language, with its core in object prototypes; making it a very flexible (but sometimes confusing) language to work with. I was glad to have a chance to sink my teeth into it.

A project I decided to build was a simple product landing page, where you could create new products and add custom new product requirements for inventory purposes. …

Sometimes, as you’re developing a ruby on rails application, you can get lost in the magic that happens behind the scenes. Well, I’d like to unveil one wizard behind the curtain, the has_many macro, to hopefully be able to bend its wizard powers to our whims.

Understanding the magic of this app helps unlock a lot of doors. In my experience in creating a Rails application, I ran into a has_many problem. I was creating an order management system. In it a user can create orders and products, but I also wanted a product to have many components or sub…

Sinatra is impressive, as far as impressive can be when compared with a CLI application. Understanding the MVC model helps bring distant elements, html, database, ruby and the web, together into a cohesive and joined element. The models reflect and act on aspects of the database, controllers direct and control data flow on the web and the views create the user experience.

One of the toughest aspects that I did not take full advantage when I was creating my very first web app, was implementing the advantage of helper function. Helper functions are functions that either live in their own…

Probably one of the coolest parts of coding is the art of abstraction, the ability to write one thing to say many things.

Part of my training in Flatiron involved creating a Ruby CLI Application. As much as I was ready for it, I was taken aback by how much needed to be done in order to achieve what I wanted.

I decided on a Music Writing App, that would take and create Chord Progressions and add them to a song, a sort of song scaffold. I thought the most difficult aspect would be the logic of music theory, how…

I hated math.

Not that I was particularly bad at getting the right answer, mind you, but it was so abstract, so arbitrary. Each problem as boring and as meaningless as the last, with the only change being the complexity and its inherit tediousness. Most of my life this was my image of Mathematics, and by extension, programming and computer science. It all held very little interest for me.

So I thought I might become an English teacher, or a marketing major or work somehow in design. I saw those as being in opposition to the idea of math so…

Nate Nelson

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